Stop Aimlessly Scrolling through your phone and do these things instead…

Every day, we scroll through 130,000 messages, photos and videos that can lead to a decrease in our mental health as we pointlessly rifle through a never ending black hole of media. This article will provide you with the advice you need to deal with your phone scrolling addiction.

Mobile phone usage has been found to have negative effects on the human brain. The constant scrolling of Facebook feeds can cause an unhealthy attachment to social media and an addiction to it. It also negatively impacts your mental health and your relationships with people around you because it diverts your attention from them and instead towards your phone screen.

People are more addicted to their phone than ever before. We spend hours looking at them even when we don’t need to. It can feel like we are living in a black hole of social media and work emails.

So, how should you go about combating this?

Delete Social Media

Of course, this is a large leap to make, but in the long term, not needing to check social media sites all the time may free up a lot of time and make you happier and less bored. You may explore new interests and activities without being distracted.

Of course, some of the messages you get will be crucial; however, you may always message on a platform that is just for texting with other people, such as i-message or messenger.

Talk Face-To-Face

Meeting up with the individuals you’re texting and talking to them in person is a terrific method to disconnect from the digital world. This might help you get out of the habit of continuously checking your phone for alerts. It may also significantly boost your mental health because getting some fresh air outside can help to clear your head.

Having a friend assist you in combating your addiction may also increase your positivity and dedication to making positive choices. Fun activities or simply hanging out may make a big impact in your life and keep you away from needless scrolling.

Take up a new interest

Whether you’ve never tried sky diving before and want to give it a go, or you want to try a new activity like Gymnastics or squash, hobbies can help you break free from social media. You will be less fixated on your phone if you concentrate on a goal.

An even better strategy is to engage in the same hobbies as a friend. You can study alongside one another, making it more exciting and pleasurable because you can laugh and even cry together if things get rough.




Entrepreneur, blogger

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Harry Sedgwick

Harry Sedgwick

Entrepreneur, blogger

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