How I Make $5 A Day By Effortlessly Surfing The Web

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I started to look into ways I could make money online without having to do work. I came across a website named while I was scrolling through some articles and became hooked. As I researched it more I came to the conclusion that I will try it out and see if it is just another one of those scams or not. Turns out it was legit and now it automatically earns me cash every time I make a search.

How to do it…

1. Sign up on the website

Start off by creating your account on the Qmee Homepage. It will ask you a few questions about your occupation and the area where you are located. You wont have to add any bank details as they pay you instantly through your PayPal email address. Be careful and answer truthfully otherwise you can get your account suspended.

2. Download The Qmee Extension

Go onto the chrome web store and download the extension. You will see it added at the top right of your browser. Once it has been downloaded, a new tab will open for you to sign in again.

3. Start surfing the web!

Finally for the most important bit…

Open a new tab and go onto the Amazon Website. In the search bar, look up any item and then press enter. On the left hand side an advert section will appear and you will need to click on one of the adverts. Every advertisement you click on can vary between 4c to 10c depending on how much the original company paid to display it.

That wasn't so hard was it?

Instantly money will will start to roll in! Keep surfing and keep earning.

Where Is The Money Coming From…

Usually when companies give away money there is always a catch right?

Not with Qmee. All the money that is earned from customers clicking on adds goes straight back to them with no hassle or dodgy action.

The best part about this method of earning money is that you can withdraw all your earnings instantly starting from as little as 1 cents.

You can also convert the money into gift cards for websites like Amazon, App store, Google play and even Starbucks!

Final Word

All in all, if your stuck at home isolating and looking for that little bit of Extra income, this is the perfect way to start.

Have a great start to 2020 everyone!




Entrepreneur, blogger

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Harry Sedgwick

Harry Sedgwick

Entrepreneur, blogger

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